Sportzchain, a blockchain-based fan interaction firm, has launched its flagship fan tokens platform. This ground-breaking effort will present fans with an useable poll platform to assure their involvement in a team’s development process.

Sportzchain’s founder and CEO, Siddharth Jaiswal, stated in an announcement:

“We are thrilled to finally introduce our flagship decentralised web platform that will allow sports fans to influence a team directly.

“This is the first time in the Indian arena that a platform is enabling fans to invest in a tokenised membership of the team, AKA fan tokens and vote to impact that team’s sporting decisions like training jersey design and playing schedules.

“At present, we are planning to induct three polls, but with time this number will grow, and so will fan participation. Soon, we’ll launch fan tokens so that fans can join this tokenised membership of their favourite teams sporting decision and also partake in financial gains.”

According to reports, the brand has entered the Alpha phase of its decentralised online application. It is now working hard to launch the Beta phase by the end of August.

This phase allows fans to have their voices heard. Users can vote on binding/non-binding polls to indicate their agreement or disapproval of team decisions, such as the theme of the team’s training jerseys or other elements.

Users can vote in polls for two kabaddi teams (Dabbang Delhi and Tamil Thailaivas) and one cricket team for the time being (Iceland Cricket team).

In August 2022, the platform’s native token, $SPN, will be issued. Users must have $SPN in order to access the opportunity.

Aside from platform rewards, lucky participants will have the chance to win an iPhone, Arena vouchers, and much more.

Sportzchain’s goal is to create the ultimate ‘involved fan-base.’ Each fan of the fanbase will be a ‘ZuperFan,’ equipped with ‘imperium superpowers’ that will allow them to successfully influence team decisions while simultaneously earning money.

$SPN token holders will also have special access to a number of VIP benefits. Token holders will also be able to participate in numerous contests and events with their favourite teams.

Sportzchain also provides its customers with the ability to play and win rewards through gamification. Gamification is a novel concept that combines casual and fantasy gaming.

Users will also be able to purchase discounted products from their favourite clubs. Sportzchain also allows its users to have access to exclusive sports tokens, talent tokens and NFTs.