At Jump trade, an international NFT gaming marketplace (provided by GuardianLink), GuardianLink announced that its exclusive NFT cricket game and digital cricket collectables would be part of its NFT cricket game aMeta Cricket League (MCL). The newly established Cricket Foundation (the first cricket ecosystem dedicated to a sport of its kind), co-founded by former cricketer Parthiv Patel and former cricketer Prutvi Rao, offers fans an exclusive A platform for digital cricket memorabilia. And collectables, as they all like to describe these items via “,” the world’s first cricket-only marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The team behind the Rario NFT market, made up of several IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) alumni with experience in blockchain technologies, is building the world’s first cricket-based digital collectables platform to allow users to buy, sell and collect. Cricket NFT like never before was possible. The Rario uses the power of blockchain technology to offer cricket fans across the planet the opportunity to invest in real sports moments; By releasing limited edition sports videos, audio and visuals on the Polygon Network, the platform offers collectors and fans a new opportunity to be part of cricket history. The Rario team has recently introduced Rario and has teamed up with clubs such as the Caribbean Premier League and the Sri Lankan Premier League, with many more partnerships in the pipeline with the top tier Cricket League. Rario is leading the world of cricket into the digital age by introducing the NFT platform, allowing cricket fans to interact with world-famous players and collect immortalised and perhaps rare sports moments thanks to blockchain technology.

Built on the Polygon blockchain by a highly skilled team from cricket-crazy India, Rario offers cricket fans worldwide a new way to own the history of the sport and represents the entire $370 billion nurture industry another step forward. Cricket Australia (CA) and the Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) have signed a formal licensing agreement with global non-fungible cricket platform (NFT), startup Rario and digital trading firm BlockTrust for Australian cricket and digital NFTs in-game collections. Access to virtual games, available to over a billion cricket enthusiasts worldwide, launch the non-fungible token (NFT) cricket platform Rario, digital trading company BlockTrust, Australian virtual cricket game “play by ear”. Crypto Cricket By partnering with Club, the first blockchain-based Cricket Fantasy Sports platform that will provide users with the perfect product designed to solve the critical challenges of traditional fantasy sports and disrupt the highly chaotic Cricket Fantasy Sports industry, the Club will Be able to interact with fans from all over the world in an easier and more fun way makes them part of their journey and the country’s ever-growing sporting history.